Traditional bakery


In 1948, Pedro Lázaro and his wife Pilar Pérez set Lazaro’s bakery up in the town of Alfamén (Zaragoza - Spain), where they sold their freshly baked sponge cakes among other products that immediately became a sensation. 


In 1976, with the addition of the second generation of the family, the Lázaro bakery evolved to a factory specializing in sponge cake manufacturing. Over time, and without forgetting its great artisan tradition, the most advanced industry technologies have been incorporated into the production process, to ensure product consistency and quality that consumers expect and appreciate from our products.


Since 1989, thanks to our ability to respond and investments in R&D, Magdalenas Lázaro exports its range of products to most parts of the world, counting among its clients with some of the largest supermarket chains. Today consumers can find our baked products in most countries in Europe, the U.S., China, Uruguay, Cuba, Chile or Equatorial Guinea.  Curiosity and a desire to develop, to break new ground, are deeply engrained in our business. Nothing has ever been impossible.


We are now in the third generation of the family business. But it is not just in its ownership profile that Magdalenas Lázaro is a family business. Majority of the people working with us are in the third generation - father working with son, mother with daughter, brothers with sisters. Harmony and passion has been transmitted generation after generation.


During all this time, our company has developed to become a leading producer and distributer of sponge cakes, thanks largely to a highly developed sense of what consumers want, the very strictest quality requirements* and a firm conviction that sponge cakes must be baked with love and care.


A lot has been happening since that small bakery opened its doors almost seventy years ago…Today, Magdalenas Lázaro is a trusted choice worldwide.


* Magdalenas Lázaro has the IFS accreditation.